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There are a ton of version differences for Metroid Prime, so check out this link from The Cutting Room Floor:


  • The size of the screw attack is bigger in Trilogy so that it isn´t possible anymore to go out of bounds through Morph Ball tunnels.
  • Spider Guardian´s damage inflicting barrier was shortened in Trilogy so he can´t hit you through walls anymore.
  • Ing Smashers in Hall of Combat Mastery will lock the door the 1st time they appear in Trilogy.
  • The Jump Guardian Trick was removed in the Trilogy and Japanese GC Version.
  • In the Japanese and Trilogy releases, you must rotate all three lenses in Portal Terminal (Agon) to activate the portal, instead of only needing to rotate the third lens.
  • In the NTSC GC Version it was possible to Slope Jump on a wasp nest left to the half-pipe that leads to seeker to get it earlier without Boost Ball. It was removed in all other versions.
  • In the NTSC GC Version there is an Ing Pod that is positioned near the Save Station that let´s you Space Jump up to the 3rd Temple Key in Torvus so that you don´t need Grapple for it. It was removed in every other version.


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