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This page outlines the video quality standards for the Metroid Prime Wiki YouTube channel. If you want to submit a video for the channel, start a thread on the #wiki channel of the Metroid Prime Discord server and your video will be evaluated for approval.

Video requirements

  1. Must be 720p60 or better (has to be 60FPS).
  2. No out-of-game audio, including voiceovers.
  3. Wait a brief moment at the start and end of the video in order to give the viewer time to process where they are.
  4. No excessive downtime at any point in the video.
  5. No retries for setups (video editing acceptable for this).
  6. Speeding up Infinite Speed sections is allowed.
  7. Input display is required.

Putting it on the wiki

Normally putting the video on the wiki will just show the link, which isn't ideal. To embed videos properly:

  1. Edit page in the source editor
  2. Follow this format for embedding videos:





If you want to append the video to the right side of the page, you can also do this:


And if you want text under that:

{{#ev:youtube|||right|Example text.}}