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Dashing is possible due to a lack of sideways speedcap, and an oversight with the sideways Strafe mechanic. During a Strafe, Samus is accelerated at the start of the movement and decelerated at the end. By letting go of the lock on during a Strafe, the game does not decelerate Samus. Combined with a lack of sideways speedcap, this technique can build speed very quickly and cross large distances. Scan dashing with the scan visor can only be performed on version 0-00, 0-01 or 0-30 copy of Metroid Prime and all other versions must use Combat or other visors.

Scan Dash

To perform a Scan Dash:

  • Lock on to a target with either a visor, typically Scan Visor or Combat Visor.
  • Start a sideways strafe and let go of L to drop the lock on around 7 frames (generally speaking) from when you input your jump.

R - Dash

Double Jump Dash

Scuffed Dash

Extended Dash