Fall Respawn Skip

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Fall Respawn Skip is a trick in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption that allows you to get Out of Bounds in certain rooms in the game. It is currently only useful on Elysia. This trick was discovered by Aruki.

Notable Uses

Respawn Trigger found in Zipline Station Alpha

Trick Description

To quote the description of the video:

This is a new glitch I've just found in Metroid Prime 3 that allows for -seven- new spots to get out of bounds. I was able to find this now that the WIP Metroid Prime series editor I'm developing has proper Prime 3 support, which lets me see trigger locations.

This is how the glitch works. The way terminal falls work in Prime 2/3 is that the rooms have a bunch of "Death Fall Spawn Points" located in various places through the room. Usually only one of these is active at a time, and when you fall into a pit, the game will respawn you at whichever one is currently active. There are triggers at specific spots in the map that activate one of them and deactivate the others, which makes you respawn at whichever part of the map you were last at.

So how is this exploitable? Well, in Elysia, there are a lot of rooms where all of the spawn points are inactive by default. There's triggers covering each door into the room that activates the spawn point next to that door. This would be fine, except for some reason Retro made it so the triggers only cover the lower half of the door. So I found out that if you do a tricky boost SSJ through the door, you can make it through the top half without touching the trigger in the lower half, therefore avoiding activating any of the spawn points. When you fall into a pit and there are no active spawn points, the game won't respawn you and you'll simply keep falling until you're out of bounds.

This is what one of the triggers in Zipline Station Alpha looks like for example. It's pretty much exactly the same position/size in every room I show in the video (and also on every door in those rooms, so you can use any door, not just the one I used).

By abusing this, there are seven different rooms you can get out of bounds in:

* Hoverplat Docking Site
* Skybridge Athene
* Skybridge Hera
* Zipline Station Alpha
* Zipline Station Bravo
* Zipline Station Charlie
* Zipline Station Delta