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See also: Jumping

L-Jumping is the most basic form of fast movement, and is basically the bread and butter for the other jumping techniques.

When you jump normally, you decelerate for 13 frames, then start accelerating. For the first 13 frames of a jump, you want to hold L to lock your speed to 11.8, then release to gain speed. This allows you to make gaps you cannot normally make and also just makes you go faster.

If you turn towards the side during an L-Jump, you will gain speed even faster, as there is no sideways speedcap in the game.

If you need to Space Jump, it's important to know that you lose 6 speed when you Space Jump. Depending on how long you hold L or if you press L again depends on distance.

  • If you need to do two jumps quickly, hold L for both jumps then release L on your Space Jump.
  • If you need to go very far, do not press L at all on your second jump.
  • If it's somewhere in the middle, it might be better to hold and release L on your second jump.