Ledge-Clip Ghetto Jump

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Ledge Clips, also known as Ledge Clip Ghetto Jumps (LCG) are a trick in the Prime games that allows for Samus to get more height from a jump than normal. They are a notoriously precise exploit, as the execution is frame perfect, so they are most commonly used in TAS runs. Ledge Clips have non-TAS applications, but due to how inconsistent they are, they don't have any use in RTA runs. They occur when the following conditions are met:

  • Samus jumps while rubbing up against a ledge
  • Samus snaps onto the ground as a result, abruptly ending the jump
  • Samus jumps on the exact frame the game registers that she is on the ground

Getting the second part of this equation to work is largely circumstantial, depending on the collision itself and its positioning relative to Samus. Precise micro-positioning is required to achieve a Ledge Clip in most circumstances, although some Collision Geometry is more lenient than others. The reason this works is because Ledge Clips entail landing on the collision with upward momentum, and when this is done, there is a single frame where Samus will enter a grounded state before losing her upward momentum. If a jump is performed on this frame, Samus will carry over the vertical speed she landed with into the new jump. This is where the "Ghetto" effect comes in, as it produces results identical to what Slope Jumping does: it gives your jump a higher initial starting speed. Instead of a vertical speed of 0, a jump can be initiated with a max speed of 11.667 or 14 vertical speed (depending on whether or not the Space Jump Boots are in your inventory).

TODO: Video examples of ledge clipping