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The Space Jump Boots are a movement upgrade in Prime games that allows for Samus to gain an extra jump while she is in the air. With the exception of low% categories or categories that prohibit its acquisition (such as Max% No Space Jump), usage of the Space Jump Boots is ubiquitous in Prime speedrunning, greatly expanding the movement possibilities of nearly every room and allowing for the development of critical routes and strategies that save large amounts of time.

Metroid Prime

In most speedrunning categories, including any%, Space Jump is the first item that is acquired in the route. This is known as Space Jump First. This is because the first room of Tallon IV you are placed in, Landing Site, is connected directly to the room Alcove, where the Space Jump Boots are located. By performing a Dash Jump, Samus can immediately grab the item.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

In Echoes, Samus is equipped with the Space Jump Boots right away, and can keep them if going for Item Loss Skip. Otherwise, they are removed from Samus' inventory if she goes through the item loss sequence, and can be found in the room Judgment Pit in Dark Agon. The player must defeat the Jump Guardian to get the Space Jump Boots.

The Space Jump Boots are not required in order to use Screw Attack, but the second jump updates the Screw Attack's Z-Axis, which makes using it much easier. Without Space Jump, the player's ability to use Screw Attack is greatly limited.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


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