Metroid Prime/Gamecube vs. Wii Loading Discrepancies

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This is a page dedicated to disambiguate the hardware differences between playing Metroid Prime on a Nintendo Gamecube and a Nintendo Wii.

All videos here are single-pass and perform actions similar enough to isolate only the load times. The Gamecube videos are darker and of poorer quality because of the composite connection, but also most of them will be on the left.

The numbers reflect the number of frames it takes for the door to open completely. The start frame is synced to a door shot, entering a load trigger, or a synced action which is simple enough to isolate the load time. The end frame occurs when the shell of a door opens entirely, with no hexagonal piece still overlapping onto any part of the door.

Reflecting Pool

  • 406 gcn
  • 400 wii

From Artifact Temple to Artifact Security Station

  • 354 gcn
  • 363 wii

Artifact Temple

  • 350 gcn
  • 343 wii

Energy Core from Furnace

  • 686 gcn
  • 651 wii

Gathering Hall from Gathering Hall Access

  • 404 gcn
  • 396 wii

Ruined Fountain

  • 414 gcn
  • 409 wii