Parasite Queen

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Parasite Queen is a boss located in Reactor Core on the Space Pirate Frigate.

For this fight it is important to know that Parasite Queen will receive triple damage for any shot hitting its head. So the main idea is to get as many head shots in as quickly as possible with Rapid-Fire Missiles.

General Information


  • Health: 480
  • Takes 2x damage when aiming at the mouth

Fast Strat

At the start of the fight, press the L trigger far enough to lock your sight but not too far where you will lock onto the Parasite Queen. Raise your view to where the reticule is over her head, and use rapid-fire missiles to kill her quickly. Take into account that the missiles will take some time until they hit and that there can only be 3 missiles out at the same time. You want to walk forwards after firing a few missiles to reduce travel distance and because Parasite Queen will bow forward and lower its head.

The video below shows Parasite Queen being defeated using this strat on Hard Mode, where you deal less damage.

Easy Strat

If you have trouble killing it with the fast strat then you can also scan Parasite Queen while dashing to the right a bit and then just lock onto the head and use rapid-fire missiles.

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