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Connecting Rooms
Portal Access A
Portal Site
Transport Center

Portal Terminal is a room located in the Agon Wastes region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The main goal of this room is to activate the bomb slot and go through the morph ball tunnels in order to activate the portal. Over the course of the game, the room has multiple layer changes. By default, the game will just allow the player to directly activate the bomb slot and proceed without any obstacle, because it assumes that the player hasn't picked up the Morph Ball Bombs yet. If the bombs are gotten, then a Space Pirate fight will spawn, locking the door to Portal Access A and not allowing the bomb slot to be activated until the fight is over. Later on, war wasp hives will spawn. The room also has a Secret World that requires Screw Attack.

It is possible to activate the portal only by activating the third platform. Consequently, one of the war wasp hives will spawn in the middle of the air where the second platform would have been, as that one will never have lowered.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st Pass
2nd Pass
Conveyor Belts Already Active
Portal Puzzle Already Completed
Portal Cinematics
Forgotten Door Closed
Forgotten Door Open
Puzzle Cinematics
Snatch Encounter
3rd Pass
4th Pass
Portal 2nd Pass

Activating the Portal Early

Since it is possible to skip activating the first two platforms, there are a variety of methods that can be used to activate the third platform, and the portal early.

TODO: List and describe methods, add videos

Gate Clip

If entering the room from Transport Center, it is possible to trick the game to reposition Samus to the other side. This can also be done in Portal Site.

Secret World

By performing a Screw Attack into the morph ball tunnels, it is possible to get out of bounds.

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