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The R button is very important to go even faster in the air. It is important to understand what the R button does.

What R Does

When you press R in the air, the next time you press L your speed will get locked to your current speed. Using this knowledge, we can go in depth to what R does when you jump in the air. It is important to note that how you press R in the air doesn't matter, just as long as it's before your second jump.

Using the R Button for Jumping

Since pressing R makes it so that you lock your speed the next time you press L, you can get more speed the next time you jump. Here's the most optimum way to get speed (in general).

  • Start by holding L.
  • Hold Upleft/Upright, jump, then release L.
  • Hold in between Upright/Upleft and Right/Upright on the analog stick. What you should should be opposite to what you started with.
  • Press R before your second jump.
  • Press and hold L for your second jump, release like a normal L-Jump.

Since you pressed R in the air and are holding L for the second jump, you never lose the 6 speed you normally do. So when you release L, you will start to gain speed again.

  • Hold up on the analog stick once you're fully sideways.

The R and L button can also be used on the ground to maintain speed. More on that in the Bunny Hops section.

Here are some examples are some of the more difficult R-Jumps for the general idea of how good ones look.