Sanctuary Energy Controller

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Connecting Rooms
Controller Access
Main Energy Controller

Sanctuary Energy Controller is a room located in the Sanctuary Fortress in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This is where Samus can acquire the Cobalt Translator and deliver the energy back from the Ing Hive. Once Samus delivers the energy here, the Light Suit will be made accessible in Main Energy Controller. Additionally, it has a Secret World, which is used in any% speedruns to get Cannon Ball.

Secret World

By aiming into the corner of the room with Screw Attack, Samus can get repositioned out of bounds.

Unlimited Percent

If you obtain the Light Suit before obtaining the Cobalt Translator, it is possible to repeatedly initiate the cutscene that gives Samus Cobalt while activating the fast travel sequence at the same time. The result is that Samus gains 1% at the beginning of the cutscene, but since the cutscene gets interrupted, it's possible to go back to the room and initiate the cutscene again, resulting in another 1% gain. Up to 255% is possible with this trick. Due to the rules of the 100% category, this does not count towards 100% completion.