Magmoor Workstation

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Connecting Rooms
South Core Tunnel
Transport Tunnel C
Workstation Tunnel

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Magmoor Workstation SW and Magmoor Workstation SW (Wii).

Magmoor Workstation is a room located in the Magmoor Caverns region of Metroid Prime. It contains an Energy Tank as well as multiple Secret Worlds.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st pass scripting
2nd pass scripting
Dont Load

Fast Strats

From South Core Tunnel to Transport Tunnel C

The video below compares seven different strategies of getting to the Far Phendrana elevator quickly.

Floaty Jump

It is possible to get Floaty Jump in this room.

Item Without Wave Beam

Normally this item requires the Wave Beam, but by going out of bounds and Infinite Boosting into one of the areas with the scan points, you can get this item without the Wave Beam.

Secret World

It is possible to get out of bounds in this room. There are multiple ways of doing this.

Near Transport Tunnel C

There are many ways of getting out of bounds at this part of the room. This is what's most commonly used in Low% runs, in order to wallcrawl to Plasma Beam. Of course, this means it can be done without the Space Jump Boots.

Pirate Bomb Jump Method

TODO: Description

TAS Method


Near Workstation Tunnel

Getting out of bounds here isn't as common, but there are still a few methods of doing this.

Scan Dash Method

This method entails having an Item Drop spawn and using it to Scan Dash out of bounds.

  • This was secret world #31 in the original numbering scheme.

L-Jump Method

This method is more difficult, but doesn't rely on getting a dash off of a pickup.

R-Jump Method

The above method can also be done with an R-Jump.

Triclops Method

TODO: Description

Floaty Jump

You can also get out of bounds if you have Floaty Jump.