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Plasma Beam is a weapon found in Metroid Prime. It is the final of the four beams you are supposed to get in the game's intended sequence, and has the most powerful and deadly properties of the four beams. It has the ability to burn enemies for 0.25 damage per frame on top of its charged or uncharged shot, and it can open Plasma Beam doors. While its uncharged shot is less powerful than that of Ice Beam, its charged shot is the most powerful of the standard beam weapons in the game. It is so powerful that it can even instantly kill lesser powerful enemies, complete with a specific animation that turns them into ash. On top of all of this, Plasma Beam is also the second fastest beam to fire, only behind the Power Beam, making it one of the most versatile weapons in the game. Additionally, this beam can also be combined with the Flamethrower beam combo.

Because all of the doors in the Impact Crater require the Plasma Beam, it is the least likely beam to ever be skipped in any setting.

By default, Plasma Beam is found in the room Plasma Processing in the Magmoor Caverns region.


  • Uncharged: 12 damage per shot
  • Charged: 100 damage per shot
    • Has the added effect of burning enemies for 0.25 damage per frame for up to 361 frames

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