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Power Beam is the default weapon in the Metroid Prime series. It is the only weapon that Samus has access to in the beginning of each game, and is the weapon that is most commonly used to open doors due to its fast uncharged shot. Its uncharged shot can be fired once in every 7 frames, or about once every 0.116 seconds. If the player has the Charge Beam, certain objects such as the Eyons are made destructible. Charged Power Beam shots are important in certain combat situations, such as the Chozo Ghosts fight in Sunchamber which is required to obtain the Artifact of Wild. Without Charge Beam, this fight requires intense mashing of the A button, which can end up making the fight far slower.

In both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the charged Power Beam shot can be combined with the Super Missiles beam combo, which can be used to destroy certain objects, including Super Missile doors in Echoes. The Power Beam is also the only beam that doesn't take any ammo in Echoes.


  • Uncharged: 2 base damage per shot (5 in Corruption)
  • Fully charged: 50 base damage per shot

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