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Dark Beam is a weapon found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is imbued with dark energy, and can open Dark Beam doors, and can also be used to darken light crystals and light beacons. It can also be used to open dark portals, such as the one found in Command Center. It is the first beam seen in the game that uses ammo. The game gives you 50 Dark Ammo when picking up the Dark Beam. Additionally, its charged shot has the ability to freeze certain enemies similarly to Ice Beam in Prime 1. As a result, said enemies can be killed instantly using just a single missile. This is useful in certain circumstances, such as in the Pirate encounter in the room Sanctuary Entrance.

This beam can also be combined with the Darkburst beam combo. In a speedrunning context, this isn't ordinarily useful, but the damaging aura of Darkburst can be used to activate bomb slots without Morph Ball Bombs, which makes categories such as Max% No Bombs possible.

By default, Dark Beam is found in the room Storage D in the Agon Wastes region.


These damage values have a 2x multiplier on light enemies, and a 0.5x multiplier on dark enemies.

  • Uncharged: 15 base damage per shot
  • Charged: 50 base damage per shot
    • Has the added effect of being able to freeze enemies

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