Annihilator Beam

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Annihilator Beam is a weapon found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is the final beam weapon you are supposed to get in the game's intended sequence, and is infused with a mixture of both dark and light energy. It can open Annihilator Beam Doors, and can be used to energize light crystals and beacons with a special type of energy that attracts the Ing while also killing them once in contact with it. It can open both dark and light portals, which is particularly useful in categories that don't obtain one of the beam weapons such as Max% No Light Beam or 4%. Depending on the enemy, it can also be the most dangerous weapon, with its uncharged shot being able to deal lots of damage in a short time while automatically homing in on nearby targets. When combined with the Echo Visor, it can also be used to interact with Echo Puzzles. For example, in the room Main Gyro Chamber, the Annihilator Beam is used in order to interface with the Echo Puzzle that is located in the bottom level of the room in order to unlock the Power Bomb expansion.

By default, the Annihilator Beam can be found in the room Hive Temple after defeating Quadraxis.


  • Uncharged: 12 base damage per shot
  • Charged: 80 base damage per shot

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