Main Gyro Chamber

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Connecting Rooms
Checkpoint Station
Dynamo Access
Save Station B
Temple Access
Watch Station Access

Main Gyro Chamber is a room located in the Sanctuary Fortress region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The room is composed of two ends surrounding a gyro system in the center, which contains a Spider Ball track that leads to Checkpoint Station. The ball of energy in the center contains a Power Bomb expansion, which requires Cannon Ball to break. Echo Visor is used to lower a door that blocks access to the room's Kinetic Orb cannon that reveals the expansion. Additionally, the room has multiple Secret Worlds.

General Overview

Room Layer Information
Rubik's - Base Objects
Rubik's - Puzzle 1
Rubik's - Puzzle 2
Echo Door
Echo Door - Gate

Unless going for the wallcrawl from Dynamo Works to get to the other side early, the only way to get from one side to the other is to deactivate the first gyro, which costs about 20 seconds in an any% run. Deactivating the second gyro will allow the spider ball track to be usable. Both gyros require a simple puzzle to be completed in order to deactivate them, and the solution for both puzzles will be the same every time.

Second Gyro Without Power Bombs

By doing a Screw Attack onto the rubble, the game will allow the second gyro to be deactivated without having acquired the power bombs.

Item With Cannon Ball

While the Kinetic Orb cannon that is revealed after unlocking the Echo Gate already entails having Cannon Ball, the video below shows a way that allows Samus to keep Cannon Ball if desired, provided she already has it beforehand. The Echo Gate must be unlocked before morphing into the orb, otherwise you will not be able to get the item as normal.

Secret Worlds

There are two ways to get out of bounds in this room. One of them requires Screw Attack, but the other doesn't.

Morph SW

By morphing in a specific spot while the game thinks Samus is in Save Station B, the game will reposition Samus out of bounds. The SW is precise, but it can even be done on the Trilogy version of the game.

Screw Attack SW

By performing a Screw Attack to get inside the openings of the morph ball tunnels, then doing a Screw Attack again to force Samus in the tunnels, it is possible to get out of bounds.