Spider Ball

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The Spider Ball is an upgrade module for the Morph Ball in the Metroid Prime series. It allows Samus to stick to Spider Ball tracks when activated.

In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, you can use it in combination with the Boost Ball to propel yourself away from the track.


Spider Ball Movement is actually less straightforward than you might imagine. The initial speed you attain when you first attract to a spider ball track is faster than the normal speed you move at once you have full attracted to the track. As such, it is faster to repeatedly let go of the R button and quickly re-press it in order to keep getting the faster initial speed.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, repeated Spider Ball attaching changes the direction Samus moves, so it is not recommended to do this strategy in this game.

Sticky Boost

In Prime 2 and 3, you can do a trick called Sticky Boost on Spider Ball tracks with Boost Ball. To do this, go to the very edge of a track until you are hanging off of it and can't go any further. Then, simply release boost ball and you can go in significantly different directions than intended. The most notable usage of this technique is during the Power Bomb Guardian fight.

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