Power Bomb Guardian

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Power Bomb Guardian is a Sub-Guardian found in Undertemple in Dark Torvus Bog. It guards the Power Bomb.

General Information

  • Health: 500 (125 per Bomb Slot)
  • Can open the Door at the Top for you


With Spider Ball

  • This is a very straightforward fight, as you only need to know how to Sticky Boost. This simply involves hanging off at the very edge of a spider ball track and then releasing boost.
  • There are four bomb slots with the same path each time.
  • In Any% and Low%, you will have Cannon Ball which makes this fight extremely easy. If you don't have Cannon Ball, you might get hit by the boss' attacks and fall off. If so, you just have to go back and try again.

The Initial Sticky Boost

  • After reaching the top of the very first Spider Track, it is faster to Sticky Boost up to the higher of the two available tracks above. Go up to the top of the first track, and hold up-left as you release your boost in order to skip the lower track.

Far left slot

  • After the initial Sticky Boost, you need to make two additional Sticky Boosts. For the first, go the the far left of the track you're currently on and hold up-left as you release boost to make it to the next track. Then go to far left edge of this track, and release boost while also briefly releasing and re-pressing R to make it on the final track.

Close left slot

  • The close left slot is the same as the far left, except without the last Sticky Boost. Instead, just Bomb Jump up to the slot after the first sticky boost described in the previous bullet point.

Far right slot

  • The far right slot involves several Sticky Boosts. After the initial first Sticky Boost to get up to the high track, go to the far right edge of this track and release boost while also briefly releasing and re-pressing R. Once on this track, repeat the same thing to skip the middle of the three "S" shaped tracks. Once on the third "S" shaped track, go to the far edge and release boost to get on the bottom of the three vertical tracks below the slot. Once on this track, go up as far as possible and do one final boost to get up to the track connected to the bomb slot.

Close right slot

  • The close right track is the easiest. After the initial Sticky Boost to get up to the high track, just go right and briefly release and re-press R to make a shortcut to the track connected to the bomb slot.

Undertemple Access Early Unlock

Because Power Bomb Guardian actually throws out real Power Bombs, it is possible for it to unlock the door leading to Undertemple Access before Samus gets the item, potentially saving a small bit of time in speedruns. There is currently no known consistent strategy for manipulating the boss to do this.

Without Spider Ball


Without Bombs