Watch Station Access

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Connecting Rooms
Main Gyro Chamber
Watch Station

Watch Station Access is a room located on the upper level of the Sanctuary Fortress region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains an Energy Tank. In the middle of the room is a large gap containing two Terminal Fall triggers, which independently decide which position Samus spawns in afterwards. This is abused in speedruns in order to get to Screw Attack early.

Bypassing the Gap

There are two methods of getting to the other side of this room without using the Grapple Beam or Screw Attack, the intended methods of crossing this room.

Roll Jump Method

By using a Roll Jump, you can get far enough to fool the game into putting you on the other side using the Terminal Fall trigger.

Boost Jump Method

In addition to having more room to succeed than the roll jump method, this method doesn't even require that you have the Space Jump Boots.

Grapple Scan Comparison

Scanning the point that lowers the Grapple points will initiate a cutscene. This can be used to wait for Watch Station to load while saving in-game time, as the comparison below shows.