Watch Station

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Connecting Rooms
Aerial Training Site
Central Area Transport West
Grand Abyss
Sentinel's Path
Watch Station Access

Watch Station is a room located in the Sanctuary Fortress in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains a beam ammo expansion and a Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st pass
2nd pass

Opening the Gate Early

In most routes, it is required to open the gate that blocks the Dark Portal leading to Aerial Training Site. Normally, it is required to cross most of the Spider Ball tracks to activate the Bomb Slot, but by simply standing on some of the tracks, it is possible to use the bomb slot without using them at all.

Any% Method

This method is the one that is done in any% due to the route coming out of Grand Abyss.

BSJ Method

Another way to get on the Spider Ball tracks is using a Bomb Space Jump from below.

No Bombs

By utilizing the standable spots detailed above, it is possible to activate the bomb slot without Morph Ball Bombs. This is done by shooting either Darkburst or Sonic Boom near the bomb slot and doing an Instant Morph into the bomb slot. If done correctly, the gate will be opened like normal.

Secret World

Extended Dash Method

Much like with Aerial Training Site, it is possible to use an extended dash to get out of bounds while heading in the direction of Sentinel's Path. Note that the setup is slightly different since you do the dash at a lower Z position, but the general idea is the same. This is not used in speedruns, as it saves too little time to be worth doing. However, it is doable.

Near Central Area Transport West

There is a small seam near the edge of the room that can be used to get out of bounds. Due to the placement of this particular SW, the only real use for it is to wallcrawl to Central Area Transport West. The process of doing this is very complex, and requires Screw Attack in order to perform it.

TODO: Step by step guide of how to transition the door

TAS-Only Method

This TAS-only method of going out of bounds involves climbing up the spinning spider tracks, which become standable when at the right position.