Aerial Training Site

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Connecting Rooms
Central Hive West Transport
Judgment Drop
Temple Security Access
Watch Station

Aerial Training Site is a room located in the Ing Hive in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains a missile expansion and one of the three Ing Hive keys. It is also the room in which the faster method of Quad Skip starts, utilizing a Secret World that leads into Temple Security Access.

Deactivating the Barrier Early

The shield that protects the Ing Hive key can be disabled without having to backtrack to lower Sanctuary. It is possible to scan the scan post while standing on the edge of the platform. There are multiple methods of getting on the platform.

Screw Attack Method

One of the easiest methods is to use Screw Attack to get to the platform.

Space Jump/Scan Dash Method

Alternately, it's possible to go on top of the scaffolding by Judgment Pit's door using a Slope Jump, then using a Scan Dash to get onto the platform.

Temple Security Access Door Without Screw Attack

Roll Jump Method

By performing a Roll Jump, it's possible to get to the door to Temple Security Access without Screw Attack, as long as Samus has the Space Jump Boots.

Extended Dash Method

This can also be done without Space Jump by performing an Extended Dash to the door.

Missile Expansion Without Screw Attack

This Roll Jump allows for the missile expansion in this room to be collected without Screw Attack.

Quad Skip SW

After entering the room via Watch Station's portal, Screw Attack onto the red barrier that contains the Ing Hive key. From here, you will be able to use the Light Crystal to perform an extended dash. While in the air, continue to stay locked on so that you will be facing the direction of the door once you Screw Attack. Note that you will appear to go through the wall; this is because the collision of the wall doesn't match visually with what is happening. Once past a certain point, another Screw Attack needs to be done in order to land on the other side of the door of Temple Security Access. Because of the need to move around invisible collision, using Prime World Editor should help pinpoint when exactly the Screw Attack needs to be done.