Dynamo Works

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Connecting Rooms
Central Area Transport East
Dynamo Access
Dynamo Storage
Hive Dynamo Works
Workers Path

Dynamo Works is a room located in the Sanctuary Fortress region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is where the Spider Guardian boss fight takes place, which guards the Spider Ball. It also contains a missile expansion and a few Secret Worlds.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Boss Intro Cinematic
Spiderball Guardian (Nondynamic Decrement)
2nd Pass
1st Pass
3rd Pass
Post-Pickup Permanent
Spiderball Guardian Gone
Boss Death Cinematic
Load during Spiderball Battle, Unload Post-Pickup Cinematic
Luminoth Keybearer
Spiderball Guardian (Dynamic unload)

When entering this room for the first time, there will be two sets of Quads in the middle of the hallway. Unloading and reloading the room will despawn these enemies, which can be useful for learning Gyro Puzzle Skip.

By default, the Spider Ball track in the hallway does not work, even if Samus has Spider Ball.

Getting Over the Spider Track

The spider track on the other side of the room is actually broken until Spider Guardian is defeated, meaning you can't climb it even with Spider Ball. Luckily, a Slope Jump can be used to get past it.

Early Missile Expansion

Instant Morph Method

Using an Instant Morph, it is possible to grab the missile expansion in this room early.

Screw Attack Method

Roll Jump Method

Out of Bounds Method

Secret Worlds

There are a few different secret worlds that can be utilized, three of them requiring Screw Attack, but one of them not requiring it.

Morph SW

This SW is used primarily to quickly access the opposite side of Main Gyro Chamber in order to use the morph ball spinner without having to do the puzzle.

Screw Attack SW

In older routes that do older versions of Quad Skip, this was used to go to Dynamo Storage. The SW relies on the presence of the luminoth corpse, which prevents Samus from getting repositioned, and as such cannot be replicated in Hive Dynamo Works.

The aether box for Central Area Transport East extends about halfway through the door to Dynamo Storage. Performing a ceiling warp on the left side of the door will prevent you from falling.

Morph Ball Tunnel SWs

Also using Screw Attack, the two ends of the Spider Guardian morph ball tunnel can also be used to go out of bounds.

This video shows a slightly different setup: