Hive Dynamo Works

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Connecting Rooms
Central Hive East Transport
Dynamo Works
Hive Cache 3
Hive Dynamo Access

Hive Dynamo Works is a room in the Ing Hive in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains one of the nine Sky Temple Keys as well as three distinct Secret Worlds.

Crossing the Gap Without Grapple Beam

There are a few ways to cross the gap in the center of the room without Grapple Beam.

Roll Jump Method

A simple roll jump will allow you to cross without needing any additional items.

Seekers/Dark Visor Method

Additionally, if you have Seeker Missiles and Dark Visor, it's possible to aim upwards from the other side and let the cutscene warp you. Note that this can only be done once, however.

Secret Worlds

There are three different ways to get out of bounds in this room.

Morph SW

Much like in Dynamo Works, it is possible to perform a Morph SW by moving to the edge of the door in Hive Dynamo Access without transitioning the room. In any% runs, this is used to quickly gain access to the Sky Temple Key. If going to the other side, you must first hit the trigger that updates your Terminal Fall checkpoint and then activate the Terminal Fall trigger.

Screw Attack SW

If entering from Hive Cache 3, you can get out of bounds by performing a Screw Attack in the morph ball tunnel. Activating the Terminal Fall trigger from there, assuming you haven't gone further into the room yet, will teleport you to the other side. This is done in any% when going for the older Quad Skip route.

Hole in collision

Additionally, the developers forgot to patch the hole in the wall when removing the Morph Ball tunnel in this room, making it possible to go out of bounds that way. Since the morph SW already exists, this has limited practical applications.