Hive Dynamo Access

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Hive Dynamo Works
Hive Gyro Chamber

Hive Dynamo Access is a room located in the Ing Hive region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains a set of echo locks that require Echo Visor to open, but that is easily bypassed with a Secret World.

Secret World

There is a large open hole in the ceiling that can easily be abused to go out of bounds. There are two main methods of doing this.

Ing Method

The fastest method involves simply standing on the Ing that appears in front of you and jumping out of the hole.

BSJ Method

If preferred, doing a Bomb Space Jump can also be done to get out of bounds. This method can be a little tricky if the camera refuses to cooperate. The camera needs to be below the indentation on the right side of the room, otherwise getting the Instant Unmorph can prove difficult.


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