Hive Gyro Chamber

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Connecting Rooms
Hive Dynamo Access
Hive Gyro Access
Hive Save Station 2
Hive Temple Access

Hive Gyro Chamber is a room located in the Ing Hive region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contains one of the three Ing Hive keys.

Without Spider or Boost

It is possible to get the item in this room without Spider Ball or Boost Ball by performing a Screw Attack in the direction of the item. Note that this trick is risky if you don't have Spider Ball, as there is no possible way of getting up once on the bottom of the room, effectively softlocking the game.

Without Screw Attack (Out of Bounds Method)

This method of getting the item entails Out of Bounds movement, performing a Ceiling Warp near the item while the game's map is focused on Hive Dynamo Access. Once you have the item, go back to Hive Dynamo Access to transition the map.