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Light Beam is a weapon found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is imbued with light energy, and can open Light Beam Doors, and can be used to further energize light crystals and beacons. Light beacons energized with Light Beam last longer than beacons energized by Power Beam. Crystals and beacons energized with Light Beam have the ability to instantly kill Ing creatures that enter their boundaries. It can also be used to open light portals, such as the one found in Dark Oasis. It is the second beam acquired that uses ammo. The game gives you 50 Light Ammo when picking up the Light Beam. Additionally, its charged shot has the ability to burn enemies that are weak to light damage.

Charged Light Beam works differently compared to other beams. When Light Beam is charged, it fires a set of light rays, and the number of light rays varies depending on how much the beam was charged when the A button was released. For example, if the A button is released when the arm cannon is 50% charged, it will fire 5 light rays. If it's 60% charged, it will fire 6 light rays, and so on until it is 100% charged, where it will fire 10 rays. Each light ray spawns at a random angle, but if locked on to a target, the light rays will hone in on that target. However, in cases such as Chykka's Larva phase, it may be extraordinarily difficult to to connect all 10 rays and deal all of the possible damage due to the spread of the light rays.

This beam can also be combined with the Lightburst beam combo. In speedruns, this is mostly important in 100%, as it makes for a fast method of killing the first phase of Emperor Ing.

By default, Light Beam is found in the room Ing Cache 1 in the Dark Agon Wastes region. Once both Dark Beam and Light Beam are picked up, shooting objects such as crates or bladepods with these beams will cause ammo of the opposite type to appear, which is useful for refilling ammo.


These damage values have a 2x multiplier on dark enemies, and a 0.5x multiplier on light enemies.

  • Uncharged: 20 base damage per shot
  • Charged: 50 minimum, 100 maximum base damage per shot (10 damage per light ray)
    • Has the added effect of being able to burn certain enemies

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