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Quadraxis is a Guardian found in Hive Temple in Ing Hive. It guards the Annihilator Beam.

General Information


Phase 1

  • Quadraxis' knee-caps glowing are not random. 
  • You can manipulate what attacks he does by standing next to one of his legs. 
  • Quadraxis can drop either Ultra Energies, Large Energies, or Double Missiles from his legs.

With Light Beam

  • This is simple. Use a fully charged Light Beam shot and 2 - 3 uncharged shots to break a kneecap. Rinse and repeat.
  • Be sure to stand by the leg of the knee-cap you just destroyed to make him always do the leg stomp.

Without Light Beam


Phase 2

This phase can be done without the Echo Visor, as it is not required to inflict damage on Quadraxis.

  • Screw Attack the Main Antenna at the start, then go to the head and shoot one of the Antennas with a fully charged Light Beam shot and 2 - 3 uncharged Light Beam shots.
  • If the Screw Attack doesn't destroy the Antenna, just shoot it with Light Beam until it breaks.
  • If you do not have Echo Visor, be as close as you can to the head antenna so that all shots of the charge shot hit. 
  • Once one of the Antennas are destroyed, jump onto one of his legs after collecting the health drops. 
  • Wait for the antenna to appear and Screw Attack directly to the side of it. 
  • Destroy an Antenna on his head, repeat this and the last step again. 

Phase 3

  • You cannot activate the Bomb Slots on his head without stunning him first.
  • The way his head moves after being stunned is random. 
  • The hitbox on the Bomb Slot is actually pretty big, and sometimes the Bombs can teleport into the Bomb Slot if you lay them before entering. 

With Spider Ball

  • As the phase starts, lock on to him and wait until he passes behind the leg.
  • Once he's behind it, dash right and jump on top of the Spider Track. 
  • Stun him with a fully charged Light Beam shot and move to the target as soon as possible. 
  • If you get lucky, he will move the way you want him to go and boost onto him immediately. 
  • If he does not go your way, just roll off and go to the one he's heading for. 
  • Once you destroy a bomb slot, fire another fully charged Light Beam shot at him and repeat. 

Without Spider Ball


Once defeated, walk into the Annihilator Beam while holding down on the C-Stick to equip it as soon as possible.