Ice Beam

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Ice Beam is a weapon found in Metroid Prime. It is the slowest to fire out of all the weapons in the game, as you can only shoot about 1 uncharged shot per second. It also has the ability to freeze certain enemies, potentially allowing for quick kills with missiles, and it can open Ice Beam doors. Its uncharged shot is the most powerful of the standard beam weapons in the game, and its charged shot allows for a more powerful and more widespread freezing effect. Enemies shot with a fully charged Ice Beam shot will be frozen for longer compared to an uncharged shot. This beam can also be combined with the Ice Spreader beam combo.

By default, Ice Beam is found in the room Antechamber in the Chozo Ruins region.


  • Uncharged: 20 damage per shot
  • Charged: 60 damage per shot
    • Has the added effect of being able to temporarily freeze enemies

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