Sanctuary Entrance

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Sanctuary Entrance is a room located in the Sanctuary Fortress region of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It has a Power Bomb expansion and a Secret World. It is also one of only a couple rooms where Samus can activate a turret.

General Overview

Sanctuary Entrance is one of the largest rooms in the entire game, and there is a lot that goes on in it as the game progresses. When first arriving from Temple Transport Access, the player will be greeted with a cutscene, only to get caught up in a Space Pirate fight when they reach the other side of the room. On this side, there is a breakable piece of glass that requires a Power Bomb to break, blocking an elevator that holds a scan that activates a Kinetic Orb cannon leading to the turret. From there, three pieces of rubble can be broken to allow access to the power bomb expansion on the top of the room. When the Spider Guardian boss fight is dealt with, it advances the room's layer to one in which Dark Samus destroys the bridge, complete with a cutscene. The intended way to cross this room in this state without Screw Attack is to use the Spider Ball tracks that are laid out across the room.

On layers where the bridge exists, it is easy to exploit its various standable spots in order to get to higher ground more easily, in particular getting to the turret early.

It is also possible to overlap the opening cutscene and the cutscene that plays when the Space Pirate fight is over. This allows the player to move for a short amount of time without the in-game timer running, although this ends when the cutscene itself does.

Getting the PB Expansion Without Spider

While it is necessary to use the turret in order to get the power bomb expansion, it is possible to use the various standable spots in the room to get the item without spider ball, provided the player has Screw Attack.

Faster Strat

From the platform housing the turret, there is a faster method of getting to the platform without Spider Ball, though it is more precise. This is the method most commonly used in speedruns by top players. It also uses Screw Attack.

Secret World

This room's secret world takes advantage of a hole in the collision on the side of the room that connects to Power Junction. It is possible to get stuck in such a way where Samus can morph and continually climb the room up to a point. Once there, Samus can find a standable spot that allows for Power Junction's door to be accessible from out of bounds.