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Connecting Rooms
Sun Tower Access
Sunchamber Access

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Sunchamber SW and Sunchamber SW (Wii).

Sunchamber is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. The boss Flaahgra lives in this room, after which the toxic water will be purified and won't damage Samus. Defeating Flaahgra rewards the Varia Suit. The Artifact of Wild, which is guarded by three Chozo Ghosts, also appears in this room after activating the trigger in Sun Tower. If this trigger is activated before first starting the Flaahgra fight, it will be permanently overridden, making Varia Suit impossible to obtain. The room also contains a Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st Pass Enemies
2nd Pass Enemies
Flaahgrah Defeated
Easy Flaahgrah Killer
Don't Load

Despite that the boss' name is spelt Flaahgra, the internal layer names spell it as Flaahgrah.

Artifact of Wild Cutscene Comparison

The cutscene that occurs when picking up the Artifact of Wild can be skipped. However, doing so loses a small amount of in-game time (over half a second), as the comparison video below shows.

Secret World

  • Perform a Scan-Dash, Combat-Dash or UBJ to reach the bottom part of Flaahgra's mirror. Then, preform a Slope Jump or an impressive-looking DBJ to make it onto the top of the mirror. Turn towards the outside of the map and walk out through the convenient hole.
  • This was secret world #32 in the original numbering scheme.


This SW can also be done on the Trilogy version of the game.

With Power Bombs

TODO: Description, use cases