Ruined Fountain

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Connecting Rooms
Arboretum Access
Meditation Fountain
Ruined Fountain Access

Ruined Fountain is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It contains a missile expansion.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Clean, Cool Water
Poison Water

Defeating Flaahgra in Sunchamber disables layer "Poison Water" in this room, and enables layer "Clean, Cool Water".

Speed Tech

Entering Ruined Fountain from Ruined Fountain Access loads Arboretum Access, then Meditation Fountain in that order. Because of this, and the nature of how the room auto-loads its adjacent rooms, the room can be forced to open the door to Arboretum Access before it finishes loading all rooms.

To do this, open the map or pause when the Shriekbats in Arboretum Access appear on the Minimap. Alternatively, open the map and ensure that some connected rooms are absent, then appear after a second or so. Afterwards, wait for Arboretum Access to open. This can be done before or after the door is shot.

It is considered optimal to pause as soon as room is finished loading using aforementioned cues, as the sooner the door is told to open, the sooner it opens and more time it saves. This strategy cannot be used to load Meditation Fountain sooner, however it can be used elsewhere.

Early Missile Expansion

Spider Ball Method


Without Spider Ball

It is also possible to get this item without Spider Ball.


No Space Jump

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