Energy Core

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Connecting Rooms
Burn Dome Access
Energy Core Access
West Furnace Access

Energy Core is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It contains a puzzle sequence that needs to be solved in order to unlock the door to West Furnace Access, which is locked by default. This puzzle is skipped in the any% speedrun, as it's faster to do Ice Beam Before Flaahgra.

The puzzle itself is relatively straightforward, and can be done very quickly. After killing the Stone Toad, Samus can use the first bomb slot, after which the water level will fall and Samus can use the second bomb slot. The platforms will then raise, and Samus can then use the final bomb slot, which will unlock the door.

In the direction opposite of the door Samus enters the room from, there will be Shriekbats ready to target Samus.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Clean Water
Poison Water

Defeating Flaahgra in Sunchamber disables layer "Poison Water" in this room, and enables layer "Clean Water".