Sun Tower

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Connecting Rooms
Sun Tower Access
Transport to Magmoor Caverns North

Sun Tower is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It is a large vertical room that contains a trigger that, when Samus crosses it, will change the layer of Sunchamber so that the Artifact of Wild can spawn. If this trigger is crossed before Samus fights Flaahgra, it will be impossible to get the Varia Suit.

General Information

Touching the blue region triggers the "2nd Pass Enemies" and "Artifact" layers in Sunchamber.
Room Layer Information
Don't load

Passing through the trigger that is part of the way down the shaft in this room changes layers in these rooms:

  • Sun Tower Access - Disables layer "1st Pass Enemies" and enables layer "2nd Pass Enemies".
  • Sunchamber - Disables layer "1st Pass Enemies" and enables layers "2nd Pass Enemies" and "Artifact".

Early Artifact of Wild

Since the trigger to change Sunchamber's layer isn't all the way down, it is possible to go downwards, hit the trigger, then get back up to get the Artifact of Wild well before you're intended to. This trick is used in all major speedrun categories excluding 100%. It is required for Low% completion.

Infinite Bomb Jump Method

This method is the one that speedrunners use. It skips having to scan the runic symbols at the bottom of the room, which requires the Super Missiles and Charge Beam. It also skips Spider Ball. Requires:

  • Morph Ball
  • Bombs
  • Jump into the crevice in the wall and morph
  • Hold up-left and bomb jump up
  • When your bomb is slightly below the ledge you're jumping to, flick up-right and unmorph after the bomb explodes.
  • Do not attempt to bomb jump much higher than the ledge, as doing so will give you an instant unmorph and cause you to fall.

Tutorial by East

This tutorial explains the intricacies behind the trick so you have an idea of what to look for when practicing it.

Floaty Method

Allows you to get Artifact of Wild without Spider Ball, Super Missiles, or Charge Beam. About 1 minute slower than the bomb jump method.


  • Morph Ball
  • Bombs
  • Space Jump

Without Charge Beam and Super Missile

It is possible to climb this room without these items, but with Spider Ball, using the very difficult Sesshoumaru bomb jump named for its original discoverer.

Without Charge Beam, Super Missile, and Spider Ball

It is possible to climb this room from bottom to top without any of these items in a TAS setting. This involves using the War Wasps to get to the spot where Samus can perform the Infinite Bomb Jump.

Secret World

At the top of Sun Tower, jump on a branch to your right and use it to Slope Jump out of the level via the roof. Requires Floaty Jump.

  • This was secret world #42 in the original numbering scheme.