Artifact Temple

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Connecting Rooms
Crater Entry Point
Temple Lobby

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Artifact Temple SW.

Artifact Temple is a room located in the Tallon Overworld region of Metroid Prime. It is the room in which Samus uses all twelve of the artifacts to gain access to the Impact Crater. In the middle of the room lies the Artifact of Truth, which will be the last item to be collected in any category. After collecting all twelve artifacts, Samus must defeat Meta Ridley to activate the teleporter that leads to Impact Crater.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Monoliths and Ridley
Got Artifact 2
Got Artifact 3
Got Artifact 4
Got Artifact 5
Got Artifact 6
Got Artifact 7
Got Artifact 8
Got Artifact 9
Got Artifact 10
Got Artifact 11
Got Artifact 12
Music Decrement Thardus
Music Increment Thardus
Temp- Death
Item Attainment
Don't load
Progress cinematic
On Ground Wing Burn Cinematic

Secret World

Jump and dash on stuff like T3 does in the video to get out of bounds in this room.

It is also possible to get out of bounds in this room with floaty jump.

  • The original description for this SW was that "The_Pizza_Boy on had posted that he had been pushed out of the Ridley fight by Ridley's charge attack. Nobody had ever succeeded the feat."
  • This was secret world #34 in the original numbering scheme.