Quarantine Cave

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Connecting Rooms
North Quarantine Tunnel
Quarantine Monitor
South Quarantine Tunnel

Quarantine Cave is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. This is the room in which the boss Thardus resides, who guards the Spider Ball. The room also contains a Secret World that requires Floaty Jump.

General Information

Room Layer Information
2nd pass scripting
Cine Test
Boss encounter
Do Not Load

Defeating Thardus in this room disables layer "Boss encounter" and enables layer "2nd pass scripting". From then on, a Sheegoth will spawn in this room. It also affects the following rooms:

  • Transport to Chozo Ruins West - Disables layer "Music Flaaghra Alive" and enables layer "Music Flaaghra Dead".
  • Transport to Magmoor Caverns East - Disables layer "Music Flaaghra Alive" and enables layer "Music Flaaghra Dead".
  • Landing Site - Disables layer "Before Flaaghra Music" and enables layer "After Flaaghra Music".
  • Artifact Temple - Disables layer "Music Decrement Thardus" and enables layer "Music Increment Thardus".
  • Quarantine Access - Disables layer "Atomics" and enables layer "Drones".
  • Ruined Courtyard - Disables layer "1st Pass Scripting" and enables layer "2nd Pass Scripting".
  • Ruins Entryway - Disables layer "1st pass enemies" and enables layer "2nd pass enemies".

Skipping Thardus

Quarantine Cave as seen from the ledge to South Quarantine Tunnel. Touching the blue region activates the Thardus fight.

The trigger that activates the Thardus fight can be avoided in traversing this room, making it possible to skip the fight entirely. There are many ways of doing this. Note that Thardus damages Samus even before the fight has started, which makes any method of skipping Thardus that involves standing on the boss itself somewhat challenging.

Thardus Dash

By standing on Thardus before the fight starts, then performing a Scan Dash, it is possible to skip the fight. Note that standard Thardus Dash is done when entering the room from South Quarantine Tunnel.

Reverse Thardus Dash

Reverse Thardus Dash is when you enter from North Quarantine Tunnel and skip the fight from there. This can be done without the Space Jump Boots.

No Space Jump

Thardus Hop

Thardus Hop differs from Thardus Dash in the sense that it takes advantage of the damage that it doesn't use any form of dashing in order to skip Thardus. Instead, it damage boosts off of Thardus itself in order to get past the fight. Once again, this can be done without the Space Jump Boots.

No Space Jump

NSJ Thardus Hop Tutorial by Metroid0925

Alternate Method of Crossing

There are also ways of skipping Thardus that don't involve standing on the actual boss. For example there are multiple spots on the edges of the room that are standable. These standable spots can be used to bypass the trigger that starts the fight.

Here is another video of this method done a bit differently:

Scan Dash Method from South Quarantine Tunnel

The final method of doing this, and the least viable, is to perform a powerful Scan Dash from the platform leading to South Quarantine Tunnel, and using that to land on the section of the room leading to North Quarantine Tunnel. Since there are many other, easier methods, this one is only recommended in extreme circumstances for high-level players.

Other Ways Into North Quarantine Tunnel

There are a couple other ways to get into North Quarantine Tunnel without Spider that don't involve skipping Thardus. This is mostly relevant for Randomizers where your options may be more limited.

Other Ways Into South Quarantine Tunnel

Scan Dash Method from Quarantine Monitor

From Quarantine Monitor, perform a Scan Dash. The difficulty of the dash is the same as it is to Quarantine Monitor. The video below takes advantage of a standable spot to make it easier.

Grapple Beam Method

From the bottom of the pit, use Grapple Beam to get to the top. Only relevant for Randomizers if there is no other way out of the room.

Quarantine Monitor

It is possible to get to the other ledge and obtain the Missile Expansion in Quarantine Monitor without Grapple Beam or Spider Ball. There are many methods of doing this.

Scan Dash Method

Performing a Scan Dash to Quarantine Monitor from South Quarantine Tunnel is one of the best ways of getting to the room without Grapple. Use an R-Dash to make it easier.

Sheegoth Dash Method

This method can be done on versions of the game that don't have the ability to Scan Dash, such as PAL or 0-02.

Sheegoth Standing Method

Additionally, it is possible to use the Sheegoth itself by standing on it, allowing for easy entry. The video below shows this method at 0:18.

Slope Jump Method

If inside the pit itself, you can also simply perform a Slope Jump to get to Quarantine Monitor.


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Secret World

It is possible to get out of bounds in this room with Floaty Jump.