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Thardus is a boss located in the room Quarantine Cave in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. Killing this boss grants access to the Spider Ball.

General Information


TODO: Comprehensive list of vulnerabilities

The Fight

Defeating Thardus consists of destroying each of his 7 rocks that are revealed as weak points. The order of the rocks are as follows:

  1. Lower right leg
  2. Lower right arm
  3. Lower left arm
  4. Upper left leg
  5. Biggest rock above head
  6. Smaller rock above head
  7. Center

Surrounding the arena are a set of "repulsors", essentially spherical triggers that signal to Thardus to move back into the room, as Thardus' hitbox doesn't get affected by the collision of the walls while in its rolling state. These triggers are not equally sized, which can sometimes lead to oddities where Thardus is partially Out of Bounds.