Lava Lake

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Connecting Rooms
Lake Tunnel
Pit Tunnel

Lava Lake is a room located in the Magmoor Caverns region of Metroid Prime. It contains the Artifact of Nature, which is hidden inside a pillar that requires two missiles to break.

General Information

While Samus' health already starts decreasing in Lake Tunnel without the Varia Suit, her health decreases even more rapidly in this room. Entering the room without the Varia Suit has the added side effect of preventing the cinema trigger that introduces the player to Magmoor Caverns from spawning.

Fast Strats

This video shows the ideal movement strategies for the room.

Transition to Pit Tunnel

Depending on what strategy you want to use when going into Pit Tunnel, the ending of this room will look different. You can either lock on to the Puffer in order to set up a Dash, or forego locking on in favor of simply rolling through the room using the Morph Ball. Both strategies are shown below.

Varialess Item Collection

It is possible to get the item in this room without the Varia Suit. It requires a minimum of 2 Energy Tanks to get.

Item Without Space Jump

By using a standable portion of the center pillar, it is possible to get the item in this room without Space Jump Boots.

Alternatively, a combat dash off of the second magmoor in the room can acquire the item.