Chozo Ice Temple

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Connecting Rooms
Temple Entryway
Chapel Tunnel

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Chozo Ice Temple SW.

Chozo Ice Temple is a room located in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime. It contains the Artifact of Sun and is the room in which Wave/Sun is performed in speedruns, which allows runners to avoid backtracking to this room later. Otherwise, the Artifact of Sun requires the Plasma Beam to get. It also has a Secret World.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Dont Load
Enemies 1st pass
Enemies 2nd pass

Acquiring the Artifact of Sun in this room enables layer "Got Artifact 9" in Artifact Temple.

Without Space Jump

Getting to the top level of this room without the Space Jump Boots is required in 21%. Below are two videos illustrating two different methods of doing this.


This can also be done on Wii.

Secret World

By using the Charge Beam and a Bombu to push Samus though the ceiling, it is possible to land on the top of the room and get out of bounds.

Bombu Method

Floaty Method

It is also possible to get out of bounds here with Floaty Jump.