Tallon Overworld

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Tallon Overworld is the first world you encounter after leaving the Space Pirate Frigate. Tallon Overworld has 43 rooms in total. There are 21 rooms in the West portion of the region, and 8 rooms in the South. These two areas are connected by the Crashed Frigate, which has 14 rooms.

Items and Item Requirements

  • Space Jump Boots
  • X-Ray Visor
  • Artifact of Truth
  • Artifact of Chozo
  • 1 Boss - Meta Ridley
  • 2 Energy Tanks
    • Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma - Requires either a Missile or Charge Beam to open the container.
    • Hydro Access Tunnel - Requires Morph Ball Boost or Gravity Suit to leave after acquiring.
  • 9 Missile Expansions
    • Alcove - Requires Morph Ball
    • Root Cave - Requires Space Jump or Morph Ball + Bombs
    • Arbor Chamber - Requires Space Jump or Morph Ball + Bombs. You can acquire this item without Plasma Beam by doing the Root Cave SW and falling into the room through the hole in the top.
    • Transport Tunnel B
    • Frigate Crash Site
    • Overgrown Cavern - Requires Ice Beam to enter the room and Morph Ball to acquire.
    • Biohazard Containment - Requires Super Missiles, and by extension, Charge Beam.
    • Great Tree Chamber
    • Life Grove Tunnel - Requires Bombs or Power Bombs to open the pathway. Morph Ball Bombs or Boost is required to escape the half pipe.