Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma (Crashed Frigate)

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Connecting Rooms
Deck Beta Transit Hall
Reactor Access

Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma is a room located in the Crashed Frigate area of the Tallon Overworld region of Metroid Prime. It contains an energy tank. Activating the door to Deck Beta Transit Hall requires the Wave Beam.

Getting Across Without Gravity Suit

Using two tricks, it's possible to get past this room without the Gravity Suit.

Slope Jump On Top of the Lift

In the game's intended route, you are not supposed to get on top of the broken lift without Gravity Suit. However, with a good Slope Jump, you are able to get the required height, even if you don't have the Space Jump Boots.

Morph Ball Across the Conveyor

Once on top of the lift, you will want to get into Morph Ball and start laying bombs across the broken conveyor belt, holding upwards to gain height. This will allow for Samus to eventually reach the top of the room without the Gravity Suit. Don't forget to activate the generators with Wave Beam, or else you may have to start over.