Frigate Crash Site

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Connecting Rooms
Frigate Access Tunnel
Overgrown Cavern
Waterfall Cavern

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Frigate Crash Site SW.

Frigate Crash Site is a room located in the Tallon Overworld region of Metroid Prime. It contains a missile expansion.

General Information

Room Layer Information
Space Pirate
Don't load
Flying Pirates

Item without Space Jump or Gravity Suit


  • Missiles (to enter room)
  • Morph Ball (to enter room)
  • Stand on the shore and dash off of the Sap Sac
  • Curve the dash forward
  • Can be easier with Space Jump

Underwater Climb without Space Jump/Gravity Suit/Grapple Beam

Get to the other side of the area without Space Jump, Gravity Suit, or Grapple Beam


  • Missiles (to enter room)
  • Morph Ball (to enter room)
  • Perform a series of underwater ghetto jumps to climb up.

Climb to Overgrown Cavern without Space Jump

Get to Overgrown Cavern and the elevator to the back of Chozo Ruins. Used in randomizers and some any% routes.


  • Missiles (to enter room)
  • Morph Ball
  • Morph Ball Bombs
  • Ice Beam (to enter white door)
  • Jump on the boxes, then onto the rock wall
  • Dash off of the grapple point and curve back
  • Climb up to the flat part of the cliff
  • Use a double bomb jump along the slanted rock wall and unmorph at the peak of your jump. Alternatively, use a slope jump with Space Jump

Secret World

  • It's possible to get out of bounds in this room in a TAS setting. It's unknown whether it is possible on console.
  • This was secret world #50 in the original numbering scheme.

Frigate Crash Site Item Tutorial by Bash