Ruined Shrine (Chozo Ruins)

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Connecting Rooms
Ruined Shrine Access
Tower of Light Access

Ruined Shrine is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It is the room in which the Morph Ball is acquired. After it is acquired, the Plated Beetle mini-boss appears after a fight with many Beetles. Above the shrine is a Wave Beam door that leads to Tower of Light. The room also contains two missile expansions, one on the bottom level of the room and another one on the topmost level of the room. Chozo Ghosts will appear in this room following the ghost fight in Hall of the Elders.

General Information

Touching the blue region before collecting morph ball begins the Beetle / Plated Beetle fight.
Room Layer Information
First Pass
Second Pass
Third pass - Ghosts
2 1/2 Pass BETA BEETLE

Acquiring Morph Ball in this room (whether or not the Plated Beetle boss is defeated) disables layer "First Pass" in this room and enables layer "Second Pass". It also changes layers in the following rooms:

Layer Changers

  • Defeating Flaahgra in Sunchamber disables layer "Second Pass" in this room and enables layer "2 1/2 Pass BETA BEETLE". From then until the Chozo Ghost fight in Hall of the Elders is activated, another Plated Beetle will spawn in this room.
  • Activating the Chozo Ghosts fight in Hall of the Elders disables layer "2 1/2 Pass BETA BEETLE" in this room and enables layer "Third pass - Ghosts". From then on, Chozo Ghosts will spawn in this room.

Climbing the Room Without Boost/Spider Ball

It is possible to climb to the top level of the room without either Boost Ball or Spider Ball. These items are normally required to get to Tower of Light, but there are multiple ways of circumventing this.

With Space Jump

The following methods are mostly used in any% and 100% runs.

Scan Dash Method

This method entails performing a Scan Dash off of the scan point on the half-pipe. With a good enough dash, it is possible to land on the crumbling ledge and get to Tower of Light early.

Vine Method

One of the vines sticking out of the wall has standable collision. By jumping to it, it is possible to easily make the jump to the ledge.

Half Pipe Slope Jump Method

It is also possible to do a Slope Jump to the top area of the room leading to the missile expansion. From here, it is also possible to dash to Tower of Light.

Without Space Jump

Mostly done in low% or during randomizers. There are two additional rocks sticking out of the wall that have standable collision. Using these, it is possible to get onto the standable vine without Space Jump. From there, it's a matter of using a scan dash to get onto the ledge.

Half Pipe Item

From the platform leading to Tower of Light, it is possible to reach the missile expansion with a scan dash with or without Space Jump.

Escape the Pit without Morph Ball/Space Jump

If you don't have the Space Jump Boots, it is still possible to get out of the pit. This is done by jumping onto the roots and performing a Scan Dash off of the bombable section of the wall.

Ruined Shrine Items Tutorial by Bash