Hall of the Elders

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Connecting Rooms
Crossway Access South
East Furnace Access
Elder Chamber
Elder Hall Access
Reflecting Pool Access

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Hall of the Elders SW.

Hall of the Elders (sometimes shortened to HoTE) is a room in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It is a room consisting of many parts. Upon first arrival, there will be a trigger that activates the Chozo Ghost fight. In the developer-intended route, this is supposed to be Samus' first fight with one of the Chozo Ghosts. When this fight is triggered, it changes the layers in Furnace, Arboretum and Ruined Shrine so that their ghost fights will spawn. In the middle of a room is a statue that, when morphed into, will launch Samus down one of various paths. Behind the statue is a set of three bomb slots, which individually require Wave Beam, Ice Beam and Plasma Beam to activate. These slots must first be activated using the Bomb Slot in front of the statue. Once activated, these bomb slots determine which path Samus will be launched into by the statue.

  • By default, the statue rolls Samus onto a Spider Ball track, where she is encouraged to use Spider Ball in order to get to the bomb slot that activates the other three bomb slots.
  • The Wave Beam path leads to Reflecting Pool Access, which is normally blocked by a forcefield. Once near the door, Samus can deactivate this forcefield.
  • The Ice Beam path leads to an undersection of the room that houses an Energy Tank.
  • The Plasma Beam slot moves the statue forwards, revealing a vertical Ice Beam door that leads to the room Elder Chamber, which contains the Artifact of World. Worth noting is that it is possible to force load this room from out of bounds, even without first moving the statue, and it is possible to get out of the statue from within.

The Chozo Ghost fight will lock most of the doors once activated, meaning that the fight has to be dealt with in order to unlock the doors. This means that activating the fight is a significant source of time loss in any% runs, and should be avoided whenever possible.

Additionally, the room contains a missile recharge station.

General Information

Room Layer Information
2nd Pass Enemy Loadout
1st Pass Enemy Loadout

Without Spider Ball

With Space Jump

It is possible to activate the three bomb slots behind the statue without Spider Ball. To do this, jump onto the peg that sticks out of the wall, then simply jump onto the platform that houses the bomb slot.

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Without Space Jump

This trick is a little more difficult if Samus doesn't have the Space Jump Boots. Jumping on the peg without SJ requires a Scan Dash that lands on the peg. Once on the peg, carefully perform a double bomb jump and unmorph in the direction of the bomb slot. If successful, Samus will be able to land on the platform and use the bomb slot as normal.

BSJ Onto Peg

This is an alternate method of getting onto the peg that doesn't require doing a scan dash.

Bomb Jump Into Morph Ball Tunnel

It is possible to skip having to activate the bomb slots in order to get to Reflecting Pool Access. By performing a particular bomb jump, it is possible to get into the tunnel through the gap in the wall.

3BJ Method

Alternately, a Triple Bomb Jump will also work.

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Early Energy Tank from Out of Bounds

It is possible to get the energy tank from out of bounds simply by morphing into the exposed morph ball tunnel. To get out, simply bomb your way out of the tunnel and unmorph.

Early Artifact of World

There are multiple ways of bypassing the statue to get the Artifact of World early and without the Plasma Beam.

Out of Bounds Method

If out of bounds, it is possible to activate the door to Elder Chamber from the aether and forcing the room to load by moving near the door. If successful, Samus will now be inside Elder Chamber and will be free to pick up the Artifact of World.

Infinite Speed Method

This method can be done in-bounds. It's done by getting the door to East Furnace Access to close while the game thinks you're in that room. This weakens the collision in Hall of the Elders, allowing Samus to get stuck, making Infinite Speed possible to get. After getting IS, roll over to Elder Chamber and boost once the room is loaded. This will simultaneously allow Samus to grab the artifact while activating the "bowling" cutscene. When this cutscene ends, the player will regain control of Samus in Hall of the Elders. From here, go to the door and transition the room back to Hall of the Elders. This is done by entering the Morph Ball and rolling on the right side of the door.

TAS-only Method

The TAS-only method of doing this takes advantage of the fact that Samus can get stuck while going upwards on the Ice Beam path. By getting stuck, Samus can generate an abnormally high amount of speed. This speed is enough to bypass the "[Trigger] Trigger Back up Land" trigger that sets the pathway back to its default position. By activating the bowling cutscene again, Samus will clip into the statue, and will be able to enter Elder Chamber from there.