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Connecting Rooms
Crossway Access West
East Furnace Access
West Furnace Access

Furnace is a room in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It contains an energy tank and a missile expansion.

General Information

Room Layer Information
1st pass enemies
2nd pass - Ghosts

Defeating the single Chozo Ghost in Hall of the Elders disables layer "1st pass enemies" and enables layer "2nd pass - Ghosts" in this room.

Climbing the Spider Ball Track Without Spider Ball

At the beginning of the room is a Spider Ball track that can be climbed without Spider Ball.

Climbing Method

This method only works on the original 0-00 version of the game. By abusing the imperfections of the geometry, Samus will go upwards, allowing Samus to Space Jump onto the top of the track and morph.

TODO: Video

Other Methods

The video below showcases four additional strategies that also work if the one above cannot be done for any reason.

Getting the Missile Expansion

Normally, getting the missile expansion requires having three items: Power Bombs, Boost Ball, and Spider Ball. The game intends for Samus to go along a lengthy Morph Ball section that takes a while to do. However, speedrun categories that get this item do so without any of these intended items.

From Crossway

Without Space Jump

It is possible to collect the Missile Expansion in this room with just Bombs and Spider Ball. To do this, peform a HBJ in the corner of the room under the "curve" of the spider track. With the correct height, one can barely latch onto the tracks. Be careful to not get hit off while bombing up.

Getting the Energy Tank

The Energy Tank in this room is housed in a small subsection of the room connected only by a Morph Ball tunnel. This part of the room is closely located near the other side of the room, which encapsulates it.

1st Pass vs. 2nd Pass Comparison

The video below compares getting the Energy Tank in a 100% speedrun setting. According to this comparison, getting the E-Tank on first pass is slightly faster than getting it on the second past.

Without Morph Ball Bombs

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Staying OoB After Acquiring the E-Tank

Fastest Room Times