Hall of the Elders SW

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For the page of the room this is referring to, see Hall of the Elders.

Secret World discovered by: mr_whiskers (Oct 17, 2021)

Minimum Required Items
for this Secret World
Morph Ball
Morph Ball Bomb
Ice Beam
Wave Beam
Boost Ball


This secret world starts by shooting the Ice Beam bomb slot and revealing the new path towards the Energy Tank. Going back up the pipe you can get stuck, this has been accomplished legitimately less than 10 times and is considered to be purely random. Getting stuck prevents Samus from touching the Trigger that will return the path back to default. From here, shoot the Ice Beam door leading to East Furnace Access and perform Where's The Room on this door. Turn towards the center of Hall of the Elders before morphing and get Infinite Speed. Using Boost Ball, get unstuck from the wall and use Infinite Speed to touch both the Trigger for the hands bowling Samus and the Trigger to return the path back to normal. This will cause Samus to get repositioned into the hands and be bowled but is then interrupted by the cutscene for the bomb slots reactivating as the end of the path returns back to normal. This causes Samus to be bowled extremely short avoiding a Trigger that would otherwise put end caps on pipes preventing Samus from entering them without being bowled. This allows us to use the Wave Beam bomb slot to change the path to the Wave Beam path. Doing so brings up a tunnel in the middle of the room that ordinarily has an end cap but is now unblocked allowing us to simply morph through it and fall Out of Bounds.