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Connecting Rooms
Nursery Access
Piston Tunnel
Plaza Access
Ruined Fountain Access
Ruined Shrine Access
Ruins Entrance

This room has a dedicated Secret World page. For more information, see Main Plaza SW and Main Plaza SW (Wii).

Main Plaza is a room located in the Chozo Ruins region of Metroid Prime. It contains three Missile Expansions and an Energy Tank.

General Information

Room Layer Information
First Pass
Second Pass

Layer Changers

  • Entering Main Plaza from Tallon Overworld for the first time and viewing the cutscene disables layer "Cinematic".
  • Defeating Hive Mecha, then passing through Ruined Nursery, enables the "Wasps" layer in this room.
  • Defeating Flaahgra in Sunchamber disables layer "First Pass" in this room, and enables layer "Second Pass".

Early Ledge Missile

Without Grapple Beam

It is possible to get the Missile Expansion on the ledge without Grapple Beam using a dash or a jump.

For the dash method, you want to stand ontop of the tree where you would normally use a Super Missile to break open. Next, lock onto the orange highlight down by the Missile door, and do a dash while bending it slightly upright.

For the jump method, simply climb to the top ledge where the Missile door lies. Simply do an R-Jump to get over. An L-Jump works as well.

Without Space Jump

When Samus enters this blue region, the grapple point is usable.

In intended gameplay, the grapple point can only be used upon exiting Piston Tunnel into Main Plaza. It can, however, be used by standing on the knot on the tree which contains a missile expansion, and doing a single jump up towards the grapple point.

Early Half-Pipe Missile

In most categories, the half-pipe missile expansion is one of the earliest items that is acquired using sequence breaks, as it avoids having to get the Missile Launcher in Hive Totem. There are many methods that can be used to obtain it, some of which are standard use in speedruns, while others are more useful in a Randomizer context.

Slope Jump Method

One of the most common methods. This requires having already grabbed the Space Jump Boots beforehand. Simply walk up the halfpipe and use Space Jump to collect it.

Bomb Jump Method

The Missile Expansion can also be collected with an HPBJ.

Morph Ball Rolling Method

This method takes advantage of the fact that Samus can get a lot of momentum from the half-pipe by morphing above the half-pipe itself, then falling into it in such a way that allows for Samus to transfer that momentum into the cavity that houses the missile without needing the Boost Ball.

Scan Dash

This method is considered TAS-only, and would only benefit low% categories where Space Jump can't be used. It is a precise Scan Dash that just barely gets enough distance and height to reach the item.

Early Energy Tank

With Space Jump, it is possible to obtain the Energy Tank in this room without having to go through Vault. Stand on the highest step by the ledge, then perform an L-Jump to get over there. It is important to note that you should re-hold L when entering the alcove.

Alternatively, you can stand on the rock that's in front of the step and hold L for the entirety of the jump. It's a little bit easier, too.

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Without Space Jump

By utilizing one of the Secret Worlds as described below, it is also possible to climb to the ceiling of the room's box and get to the Energy Tank from there.

Secret World

There are multiple methods of getting Out of Bounds in this room.

Method 1

Get up to the platform where your first missile expansion should have been grabbed. Turn around to face the grapple beam point. Look slightly to your right and you will see a red plant. Carefully jump on it. Turn around roughly 170 degrees and there should be a rather blocky part of a pillar that looks like you can jump on it. You can, so jump on it. Jump straight up and push into the wall that's to your left. You should land on another platform. Take one last jump over the wall into the secret world.

Method 2

Alternatively you can do two things. Get up to the same platform the first missile on it. This time, look towards the door where the morph ball was acquired. There should be another ubiquitous "red plant" that you can hop on. You'll need to do a Slope Jump off of the sand pile. If you make it on the plant, turn 180 and jump onto the wooden pole sticking out of the wall. Turn to your right and jump to your freedom. Otherwise, you can jump up to where the early Energy Tank is, do a crazy long L-Jump to the tree twisting out of the ground then do a Scan Dash out of the level.

This was secret world #9 in the original numbering scheme.

Energy Tank Side Method

There is another place to get out of bounds, near where the Energy Tank is. From there, jump to the branch in the distance, and then jump over the wall back where the Energy Tank is.

Main Plaza Items Tutorial by Bash