Half Pipe Bomb Jump

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A halfpipe bomb jump (HPBJ) is a bomb jump in the '5 bomb' family. The '5 bomb' family of bomb jumps all rely on 'burning' a bomb before beginning the jump, so your bomb counter refills halfway through the jump and enables you to use 2 extra bombs. It is similar to an HBJ, but used for climbing up Half Pipes without Boost Ball instead.

Depending on the half pipe, the strategy will have to be adjusted slightly. The basic idea remains the same however - burn a bomb, lay 5 bombs in sequence up the half pipe.


For this example, Vent Shaft will be used:

  1. Burn a bomb in the middle of the half pipe, at the very far end by the energy tank.
  2. Immediately start rolling in a downward and right curve toward the ledge Samus is trying to bomb to. At this point, inputs on the control stick should be approximately in the 'up right' notch.
  3. While holding up right, Samus will start 'slipping' down the halfpipe. After slipping all the way down, Samus will catch a grip and then 'flip' back up again. Get a feel for where the middle of this sequence is, and place bomb number 2 on the way down, in the middle of the descent.
  4. Very quickly after, Samus will flip back up. During this, place bomb number 3 just before Samus reaches the peak of the 'flip.'
  5. With the 2 most difficult bombs finished, the last 3 are relatively simple. Place them at an equal timing away from each other, as early as possible to hit the top of them and gain the maximum height from them.

Bomb Timings

The exact timings from a successful Halfpipe Bomb Jump in Vent Shaft are as follows:

  • 0.578 seconds between Bomb 2 and 3
  • 0.539 seconds for Bomb 3 to 4
  • 0.597 seconds from Bomb 4 to 5
  • 0.545 seconds from Bomb 5 to 6


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