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A high bomb jump (HBJ) is a bomb jump in the '5 bomb' family. The '5 bomb' family of bomb jumps all rely on 'burning' a bomb before beginning the jump, so your bomb counter refills halfway through the jump and enables you to use 2 extra bombs.

  • The HBJ has been retroactively renamed 'High Bomb Jump,' initially the discoverer named it 'Horizontal Bomb Jump' due to it being able to achieve further horizontal distances than any other bomb jump.
  • Steps to perform a High Bomb Jump:
  1. Burn a bomb like stated above
  2. After the animation for the bomb has completely disappeared, begin the next series of bombs
  3. Once the animation is completely gone, lay the bombs in a rhythmic pattern without much differentiation between one and the next
  4. To get ideal height, you want to place the bombs early and hit the very tops of all of them.


Prominent examples of High Bomb Jumps include BartendorSparky's incredible feat in Geothermal Core:

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